KUTV, Channel 2, January 8, 2022--School Districts in SL and Summit counties spreading word as mask mandates take effect.

Two new mask mandates have gone into effect in Utah following days of record-breaking COVID-19 infection numbers.

The mandates - one in Summit County and one in Salt Lake County - took effect quickly, leaving only days for school districts to advise students and their families as to what to do come Monday.

Both mandates apply to anyone inside a public building - including schools.

According to Salt Lake County's order, which was issued by the Salt Lake County Health Department, "every individual living within or visiting Salt Lake County, Utah, (is required) to wear a respirator (or until you are able to obtain a respirator, a well-fitting mask or face covering as an alternative) in public spaces while indoors or queuing outdoors."

It expires Feb. 7.

The order lists exemptions for when masks can be removed, including during meals or playing sports.

It also makes exemptions for people who are unconscious or incapacitated as well as for individuals with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from wearing a face covering.

Similarly, Summit County's mandate states "all individuals living within or visiting Summit County, Utah, regardless of vaccination status, must wear face-coverings while inside public indoor facilities or waiting in lines."

It expires Feb. 21.

In addition to meals, the county makes exceptions children younger than 2 as well as people with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from wearing face coverings.

School districts in both counties immediately began alerting parents as well as updating websites and social media accounts to convey the message.


Park City School District

Park City School District's website has a section dedicated to COVID-19 on its safety page, though it doesn't add any additional instructions regarding the county's newest mask mandate. It does, however, provide a PDF version of the health order.

As of Saturday afternoon, PCSD's social media accounts had not been updated since before the Christmas break.

According to the district's website, there have been 236 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the past 14 days.

North Summit School District

North Summit School District included information about the new mandate under the "News" section of its website. It also doesn't add additional instruction regarding the mandate, but provides a direct link to the order.

The website lists nine confirmed COVID-19 cases in schools as of Friday.

South Summit School District

The focus of South Summit School District's site was updated Thursday to include information about the mask order.

"Tomorrow, January 7, 2022 all South Summit School District buildings will comply with the Public Health Order as issued by the Summit County Health Department," according to ssummit.org.

The site states that students participating in sports and performances are not required to wear masks, but notes that they must put face coverings on once those activities are complete.

"Anyone attending any of these events must be masked throughout the entire event or performance," according to SSSD. Students working behind the scenes at such an event will need to mask throughout.

Families who wish to apply for exemption to the mask order are asked to fill out and submit the district's mask exemption request.

According to the Summit County Health Department, there were fewer than five COVID-19 cases reported in SSSD in the past two weeks.