South Summit School District Building Rental

In an effort to streamline the building rental process for district facilities, the

following packet has been compiled.

The District Facility Scheduler will determine availability and any additional costs

for the event in the spaces provided on the Building Rental Application/Permit.

The remainder of the packet is to be completed by the renting party and

returned to the building administrator along with payment of fees and

security deposit. Checks should be made payable to South Summit School District.

Reservation of the space will not be finalized until payment is received and rooms

will be considered available to other requesting parties

The reservation process is not complete and the rental is not a continual

obligation of the parties until it is accepted and signed by an authorized District


1. Building Rental Application/Permit.

A Building Rental Application/Permit form must be

completed and signed by individual/group renting district facilities.

2. Additional personnel.

Determination of additional personnel must be documented on the

Building Rental Application/Permit form and the lessee must be charged the personnel

fees as outlined in the fee schedule rather than the actual wage the person receives to

assure the District is compensated for all benefits and costs associated with employing

individuals for all building rentals. All funds collected for personnel costs must be

remitted to the District.

3. Certificate of Insurance.

All lessees must provide a certificate of liability insurance. Must be attached.

4. A signed General Regulations form AND a signed Indemnity Agreement form must

accompany the Building Rental Application/Permit.

5. Security/cleaning deposit.

Determination of a security/cleaning deposit requirement is up

to the employee assigned to work at the time of the rental. If required, the deposit should

be paid in a separate check. If no damage or unforeseen clean-up is required after the

rental, a refund check will be issued to the lessee. The principal or building administrator

will make the final decision of whether the full deposit will be refunded.

6. Fee.

Fees shall be collected before rental.