Welcome to South Summit School District

**Open Enrollment for South Summit School District is December 1st to February 17th. Written decisions will be sent by March 31st from each individual school.**

All new students must register with South Summit School District. Below is a checklist for each item that needs to be completed before students can begin attending school. Please complete both steps for each student. Students will not be registered until all steps are completed.


Free and Reduced Lunch

Out-of-District Enrollment form

District Boundary Map (interactive)

Nursing Services
*If your child has any medical conditions that the school needs to be aware of please notify the school nurse at nurses@ssummit.org

STEP 1: Preregistration

*Preregistration (Grades 1-12) for Fall will be open after August 1st

(If your student has been previously enrolled in South Summit School District please skip to step 2.)
Click on the link of the school where you need to preregister your student.

STEP 2: Appointment
To complete registration and to schedule an appointment with the appropriate school proceed to the links below.

Documentation-Bring the following documents with you to your school appointments.

  • Photo ID

  • Proof of residency (utility bill, etc. showing parent/guardian's current name and address that proves you live within school boundaries)

  • Birth certificate

  • Immunization records

    • If you choose to file a Personal Exemption, please complete the online form at http://www.immunize-utah.org and bring a copy of the completed exemption form

  • Transcripts from past school/s attended

    • Required for SSHS and SSA

  • Proof of guardianship (if necessary)

    • If living with anyone other than a biological parent, transfer of guardianship documents MUST be provided. In case of a divorce, court documents MUST be provided showing that the parent has legal custody of the student.