School Board

Wendy Radke

Wendy Radke, President 

Precinct 1

435-783-4301 ext 4122

Lynda Whitmore- Precinct 3

Lynda Whitmore, Vice-President 

Precinct 3

435-783-4301 ext 4121

Dan Eckert- Precinct 2

Dan Eckert

Precinct 2

435-783-4301 ext 4120

Matt Weller - Precinct 4

Matt Weller

Precinct 4

435-783-4301 ext 4123

Ty Metcalf - Precinct 5

Ty Metcalf

Precinct 5

435-783-4301 ext 4124

Student School Board Representatives

Dayton Fry

Dayton Fry

South Summit High


Isabella Bobrowski

Isabella Bobrowsky

Silver Summit Academy



Board Precinct 1 : Oakley City

Board Precinct 2 : Kamas City

Board Precinct 3 : Francis City

Board Precinct 4 : Peoa, South Summit East, Weber Canyon

Board Precinct 5 : South Summit West and South Summit South

Whenever a census is completed, or sooner if needed, the county governments realign voting districts or precincts in an attempt to equalize the number of registered voters in each district.

The strategic goals of the South Summit Board of Education are as follows:

  • Develop and foster effective District-Community partnership

  • Develop and implement an effective learning environment and and instructional program

  • Recruit, hire, and retain high quality educational leaders, teachers and staff

  • Implement an effective mental health and social and emotional learning program