TownLift, December 9, 2021--KAMAS, Utah — The South Summit School District recently held its seventh annual holiday card contest...

The winner is eighth-grade student Ellery Snegirev! She created the winning card in her art class with the help of teacher Jerrie Hansen.

The card will be sent to each district employee, all Utah school districts, and the governor’s office.

The idea for the art contest came from South Summit School District’s Human Resources Director Lucinda Josie. She wanted to find a way to showcase the students’ skills to the public.

“In a time when the world seems to be focusing on and filled with so much negative, it’s refreshing to see a focus on things that are positive. I love that we open up this opportunity for our South Summit students! It’s awesome that we get to see and celebrate the skills and talents within our local community. It also serves as proof that amazing things are happening here in the South Summit School District,” said South Summit Superintendent Greg Maughan.

The inaugural contest was open to elementary students and has rotated through each school through the years.