Dear Parent/Guardian, 

As we continue to face the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, students, employees, and parents world-wide are having to navigate a “new normal”. Between learning how to do school and work from home, implementing new safety precautions, managing family needs and more, it’s a tough time for everyone. The thing I love about this community is that when there are tough things to do, we unitedly arise to the occasion.   

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to you, our parents/guardians and families, that have risen to the occasion of becoming the at-home principal, teacher, custodian, food service staff, and school counselor.  We recognize as educators that to stop and re-direct our entire delivery of education with two days’ notice would not have happened without the amazing pit-crew of families.  You are to be commended for your efforts.  Thank you. 

Today, we are seeking your input on your experience with at-home learning and guidance for how to prepare for next year if conditions do not permit school as it used to be.  We will use this information to better support on-line and in-person learning.  Please take time to complete this short survey by June 10, 2020. Thank you.


Dr. Shad E. Sorenson  
Superintendent of Schools for South Summit School District