The Utah Education Network and South Summit School District receive additional funding for their computer networks through the Federal Government E-Rate program. One of the requirements for receiving these funds is that all students receive internet safety training.


The Goal of the South Summit Computer Network is to assist teachers, parents, and students to exchange information collaboratively solve problems, and share ideas.

Computers and networks can provide access to resources within and outside the school district, as well as the ability to communicate with other users worldwide. Such open access is a privilege, and requires that individual users act responsibly. The South Summit Computer Network is filtered through the Utah Education Network and does not allow access to inappropriate websites. Regardless of how sophisticated a filter system is the ultimate responsibility for safe use of the internet resides with the user. Users must respect the integrity of the systems and observe all relevant laws, regulations and district policies regarding computer use. Students and parents/guardians are required to read and adhere to the "Acceptable Use Policy" prior to accessing district network services.