South Summit School District aspires to be known as the most exciting place to play in the state of Utah. The key ingredient for reaching this goal is to be a model of sportsmanship and school spirit for all other schools to emulate. With this goal in mind, we pledge the following:

  • To add our voices to that of other fans in making the loudest noise possible in support of the Wildcats.

  • To assist the cheerleaders in any way possible in creating chants and cheers that add to the excitement of the game and lifts our Wildcats to victory.

  • To honor the game and the players from both teams by not performing chants, skits, or cheers which divert attention from the game. Every game should be about its players. Fans attend to support them, not compete with them for attention.

  • To respect all visiting teams, coaches, fans, and administration at all times. 

  • To always cheer for the Wildcats and not against the opposition. Cheers meant to demean, embarrass, distract, or insult the opposition have no place in Wildcat country. 

  • To respect the game officials at all times.

  • To understand that participation in these activities is a privilege and not a right and that failure to honor this Spirit code can result in suspension from future games and activities. 

  • To accept that the behavior of our fans directly impacts the opinion others have of our school and our community. A seasons worth of wins will always be overshadowed by unruly and unsportsmanlike behavior. 

  • To have fun and enjoy the talented teams and athletes of South Summit High School.