Is Silver Summit Academy an online school? No, the Academy offers K-12 students a personalized and blended learning environment which combines digital content with face-to-face instruction. While certain unique classes may be delivered mostly online, fully accredited teachers will always be available in-person to teach and assist students.

What is STEAM? STEAM is an educational focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics. A STEAM education recognizes the value these disciplines will have in the job market of the future, and acknowledges the role the Arts play in developing the critical thinking skills demanded in technical fields.

Is Silver Summit Academy a Charter School/Private School? No. Silver Summit Academy is a public school within the boundaries of, and operated by, the South Summit School District.

Is Silver Summit Academy a "sports" school? The curriculum at Silver Summit Academy "travels" very well. Athletes who have reached the level where their training and travel demands are year-round find Silver Summit an effective choice allowing them to pursue their athletic goals without sacrificing their academic goals. Developing athletes with lesser demands, while always welcome, may find better options in Summit County.

Will students from other school districts be accepted? Students from outside the South Summit School District will be considered for enrollment once all requests from students living within the school district have been fulfilled.

How many students will Silver Summit Academy serve? Enrollment will be limited by the school's ability to deliver a personalized educational opportunity for each of our students.

Will AP and Honors courses be offered? Yes.

Will early graduation be allowed? Yes.

Will there be National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society Chapters? Yes.

What about extra-curricular activities? The school will have student body officers and they will be in charge of planning activities that meet the social needs of those attending the Academy. All students will also be encouraged to participate in activities that interest them in their home districts. UHSAA rules require that students interested in participating in athletics participate in their home district. Students attending Silver Summit Academy and residing within the South Summit district would participate at South Summit High School. Students attending Silver Summit Academy and residing in the Park City School district would participate at Park City High School.

What about IEP's and 504's? The very nature of a personalized learning school organically addresses the most common items found in these documents and as a public school, Silver Summit Academy will meet all stated requirements for each of its students.

Can students take online and/or live-interactive college classes for credit? Yes. Students will be able to earn college credits at a fraction of the cost via online and/or live-interactive courses.