Student Attendance

Parents may request that an absence be excused. To do so, the parent must contact the school's attendance secretary and provide the reason for the absence.

“Excused absence” means a student’s absence from school that has been excused by the school administration for any of the following reasons:

1. an illness, which may be either mental or physical; 

2. a mental health day; 

3. the death of a family member or close friend;

4. an approved school activity;

5. a medical, dental, or orthodontic appointment;

6. a family emergency; 

7. a family activity;

South Summit High

Maria Todd: 435-783-4313;

South Summit Middle

Sheri-Kaye Leavitt: 435-783-4341;

South Summit Elementary

Front Office: 435-783-4318

Silver Summit Academy

Lynea Bednarik: 435-783-4010;

Silver Summit Elementary

Lynea Bednarik: 435-783-4010;