August 18, 2020

Dear parent(s)/guardian(s), and student(s),

Welcome back! Our teachers and staff are very excited to welcome you back to school this week. Please know that we are starting school in the middle of a health pandemic, making it an unprecedented beginning. However, together, we can do it! Tomorrow we adventure into an unprecedented year. We are a standards based teaching and learning district. Our goals to focus on rigorous core academics, improving end of level and act scores, helping students be college and career ready, while having gained amazing skills in elective courses and opportunities through extra-curricular experiences remain. Academic success will always be the core of our existence, but because of this pandemic, it may feel like our core is now health and not academics. Precaution and education now is hopefully the key to a year in the classroom with our students! I recognize our students and parents may be concerned about staying healthy and not getting COVID-19. This is something that is a very high priority for us, please know our staff is doing everything we can to provide a safe learning environment. We need the help of our students to wear their masks, wash/sanitize their hands frequently, maintain a social distance of six feet or more whenever possible, and always stay home when not feeling well. Students will not be penalized for staying home because of COVID-19 symptoms.

The first day of school (August 19, 2020) is going to be different based on the student’s school. I want to quickly summarize the information you have already received, so that you have it in one place.

South summit high school wildcats….. School begins (August 19, 2020) at 7:40 a.M. For in-person and online learning! Students will attend all 10 classes. Computers will be issued during the first period. Remember to bring your signed user agreement.

South summit middle school parent/student/teacher orientation day - no regular school 5th and 6th grades: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm in-person open house through exterior classroom doors; and 5:00 - 7:00 pm via remote conferences. Email teachers for remote appointments. 7th and 8th grades: no in-person conferences. Remote only from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm and 5:00 - 7:00 pm. See newsletter that was sent on Monday, August 17th for links to access your students' teachers. Contact the school if you did not receive the newsletter. Remote learner orientation via Zoom meeting: 6:00 pm https://us02web.Zoom.Us/j/85308158306?Pwd=nhuxbgjo... K1vaewtprhjies9uclaxqt09 meeting id: 853 0815 8306 passcode: 0tv9b7 Thursday, August 20th: first day of in-person and remote learning

South summit elementary parent/student/teacher conversation day - no regular school you will need to schedule an appointment with the online scheduler by Tuesday, August 18 at midnight or by calling the school office (801) 783-4318. Thursday, August 20th: first day of in-person and remote learning

Silver summit academy and elementary school is in session this week and communication has been provided to students and parents regarding schedules and assessments. Please contact the school office if you have questions. Pandemics require data and time to comprehend the complexities. We live in the phase of the pandemic when that data is being gathered, and we need time. Things will continue to change. It is probable that students will need to quarantine some days during the year due to exposure, but we are committed to providing quality in person and remote learning opportunities. We value our students and are committed to preparing them for success.

My commitment is that as we obtain new information it will be communicated to you. I encourage you to frequently check the FAQ’s, we are regularly updating answers to many of your questions. I also ask that you take some time to review our plan for returning to school if you haven’t already. All this information is available on the district’s website https://www.Ssummit.Org/. I ask that you daily check and read email from the district, all official and urgent communication will be emailed. We are excited to have the students that we do in our district and celebrate them for being intelligent, talented, creative, and resilient. Let’s work together to make this academic year amazing! We can do it!!


Dr. Shad e. Sorenson
Superintendent of schools
South Summit School District