Section 504 / Americans with Disabilities Act

Notice of Nondiscrimination

Applicants for admission and employment, students, parents, persons with disabilities, employees, and all unions or professional organizations holding collective bargaining or professional agreements with the South Summit School District are hereby notified that this district does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, age, or disability in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in its programs and activities.

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Section 504 Parent Notification Section 504 Parents Rights Grievance Procedure

Any person having inquiries concerning the district’s compliance with the regulations implementing Title VI, Title IX, The Americans with Disabilities

Act (ADA) or Section 504 is directed to contact the following individual who has been designated by the school to coordinate efforts to comply with the regulations regarding nondiscrimination.

South Summit High School
45 South 300 East
Kamas, Utah 84036
Principal: Chris Jenson
(435) 783-4313

South Summit Middle School
355 East 300 South
Kamas, Utah 84036
Principal: Kena Rydalch
(435) 783-4341

South Summit Elementary School
535 East 300 South
Kamas, Utah 84036
Principal: Lisa Flinders
(435) 783-4318

Silver Summit Elementary
6407 North Business Loop Rd.
Park City, UT 84098
Principal: Louise Willoughby 
(435) 783-4010

Silver Summit Academy
6407 North Business Loop Rd.
Park City, UT 84098
Principal: Jeff Greiner
(435) 783-4010

South Summit School District
285 East 400 South
Kamas, Utah 84036
Superintendent: Shad Sorenson
Human Resources: Lucinda Josie
(435) 783-4301

(Revised: 9-July-2015)