Welcome to the SSES Community Council

School Community Council members are often willing volunteers who care about the success of students and overall school improvement. In the process of encouraging parents and school employees to participate on the School Community Council, the expectations or job descriptions of Council members may be described here...http://www.schoollandtrust.org/parents-and-councils/job-descriptions/

Member Name E-mail Role
Stephanie Smart stefsmart@hotmail.com Chair (Parent)
Bridgette Souza souza.kidz@gmail.com Vice (Parent)
Steve Camp scamp@ssummit.org Principal/Director
Tami Williams twilliams@ssummit.org School Employee
Laci McCormick lmccormick@ssummit.org School Employee
Brooke Woolstenhulme bwoolst@hotmail.com Parent
JoHanna Weller weller4118@gmail.com Parent
Jessica Graves jesslgraves3@gmail.com Parent
Rachel Leavitt leavittrachel.leavitt@gmail.com Parent
Community Site Council
Lorie Miner benlorieminer@msn.com 435-513-1206 Chair (Parent)
Brooke Woolstenhulme bwoolst@hotmail.com 435-640-0268 Parent
Steve Camp scamo@ssummit.org 435-783-4341 x 2243 Principal/Director
Danielle Gillette dgillette@ssummit.org 801-895-5123 School Employee
Tami Williams twilliams@ssummit.org 435-640-0483 School Employee
Laci McCormick lmccormick@ssummit.org 435-640-1912 School Employee
Bridgette Souza souza.kidz@gmail.com 435-513-0639 Parent
Dianna Sorensen mommybanana@gmail.com 801-631-6394 Parent
Lynea Bednarik lyneab@live.com 435-901-9825 Parent
Amy Leithead amy_leithead@hotmail.com 801-518-1940 Vice Chairman