We use various testing options for our students to explore their futures & educational abilities.
Resources are available at the school for test-taking and preparation. Please see the counselor for current options.


As of the 2013-2014 school year, all Juniors will be taking the ACT at no cost to the parent South Summit High School has opted for the ACT as an end-of-level test. This is a one-time event held at SSHS in Feb/March. As of the 2017-2018 school year the ACT for Juniors will now be WITH Writing. Only students registered as Juniors will be allowed to take this test.

For individual testing please refer to the www.act.org website for test dates and testing centers. The UVU Wasatch campus is the closest testing center.

An excellent resource for timed practice tests and general test-taking information can be found HERE. (Please call the Counseling center for the "Magic word")


Please consult Mr. Petersen on registration and test-taking dates for the SAT.


Excellent Career Exploration Program Test. This typically occurs October/November, of each year, and students must register with the Counselors if they wish to take the ASVAB at the High School. There is no charge for this test. It is also good practice for the ACT.

A useful resource to practice for the ASVAB can be found HERE.


This is a pre-ACT test conducted with all Freshmen and Sophomores each year. This online assessment replaces the old EXPLORE and PLAN pre-ACT assessments. Students will receive a copy of their results at the start of the following school year, and can use this information to see their strengths and weaknessess in the areas of the ACT to better prepare them for the ACT test.

Information about the ASPIRE and resources can be found at: https://www.actaspire.org


Please consult Mr. Petersen on registration and test-taking dates for the SAT.

Career Testing

With the emphasis on College and Career Readiness the counseling center will be conducting and administering numerous assessments throughout the course of the year, focusing on interests, values, and personality to help students develop effective post-secondary plans.