Welcome to the SSES Community Council

School Community Council members are often willing volunteers who care about the success of students and overall school improvement. In the process of encouraging parents and school employees to participate on the School Community Council, the expectations or job descriptions of Council members may be described here...http://www.schoollandtrust.org/parents-and-councils/job-descriptions/

Site Council Members

2018-2019 Academic School Year

Member Name Email Role
Lisa Flinders lf@ssummit.org Principal/Director
Marci Mitchell mmitchell@ssummit.org School Employee
Rebecca Williams rwilliams@ssummit.org School Employee
Bridgette Bakula Bridgett.bakula@wasatch.edu Parent
Jody Harris jodyh413@gmail.com Parent
Lyndi Marchant lyndimarchant@gmail.com Parent
Rachel Simmons Rdsimmons1228@gmail.com Parent
JoHanna Weller weller4118@gmail.com Parent
Brooke Woolstenhulme bwoolst@hotmail.com Parent
Myndi Woolstenhulme myndiw@gmail.com Parent