A message from Superintendent Sorenson:

"Our vision is to value individuals and prepare them for success. Despite the community's vote to not bond, our commitment to preparing our students for college and career readiness will not waiver. I am appreciative of the voices on both sides of the issue and certainly keeping communication open is critical as we work together to find solutions to manage growth. Overcrowding will continue to be an issue, but we'll do all we can to support, empower, and inspire individuals to promote and achieve academic and character excellence. The bond's failure means that we will begin to implement some short-term fixes most likely with portables and explore future bond proposals."



The mission of South Summit School District is to support, empower and inspire individuals to achieve academic and character excellence. The Board of Education and school administration are committed to being proactive and preparing a learning environment for 21st century learners, including academic opportunities and physical facilities. All of our current schools are at or near  their functional capacity. The Board of Eduction has developed four phases to use as a road map for facilities needed to meet the projected growth by 2050 and beyond. The proposed bond is part of Phase 2.