Stethoscope picture
    Screenings completed at school:
    • Vision
      • Vision screenings are completed on all students from preschool through eighth grade. If you have a highschool student and you would like him/her screened, please contact one of the school nurses.
      • Vision screenings are completed at the start of each school year and any concerns will be reported to the parents.
    • Dental 
      • Dental screenings by Big Smiles are completed each year in the Fall and Spring for grades Kindergarten through High School.
      • In addition, the local dentist comes around the second semester and visits a few specific grades. He is proactive in educating students, performing oral exams, and helping decrease students' level of anxiety when visiting the dentist.
    • Scoliosis 
      • Scoliosis screenings are no longer required, but we are happy to perform one if you have any concerns about your child's spine. If you would like to have this screening completed, please contact one of the school nurses.