• College Access & Readiness Program

    South Summit School District supports the College Access & Readiness Program (formerly known as Education Talent Search or ETS).  The program is offered to students in 8th -12th grades and currently serves 100 students in the district – approximately 20 students at each grade level.  College Access & Readiness services are free to the participating student. 

    Certain criteria are required of the students participating.  Preference is given to individuals whose parents have not graduated from college with a four year degree or whose family size and income may be a prohibiting factor in their decision to further their education beyond high school.  Consideration is also given to students based on their desire and motivation to pursue training after graduation from high school.

    Students who qualify and choose to become enrolled in this program will participate in one 30-minute guidance activity each month during school hours. These activities will provide them with information about their interests, abilities and values in helping them to consider possible career choices.  They will also learn study skills and behaviors necessary for success in school. 

    During the high school years, participating students will receive individual help, in addition to that which is offered by the school, in completing graduation requirements and choosing a career.  Students will be given the opportunity to visit college campuses and will be personally assisted in applying for financial aid and scholarships.

    Young people who are selected for the College Access & Readiness Program should expect to make a commitment to their own academic success.  They must maintain appropriate grades, participate in activities designed to improve their chances for current and future success, and plan for their futures.  In exchange for their commitments, the program will provide a lot of help and encouragement toward meeting their goals.

    Amy Regan

    College Access & Readiness Advisor, South Summit School District

    435-783-3313, ext. 3320



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