Vision Statement

South Summit School District - valuing individuals and preparing them for success.

Mission Statement

We support, empower, and inspire individuals to promote and achieve academic and character excellence.

Governing Values
  • The student, family, school and community should be an ongoing partnership that is responsible for the learning environment.
  • Sound, fiscal decision-making and open, honest communication, combined with ethical behavior and integrity, are central to the organization and foster community trust.
  • The district promotes effective two-way communication and relies on students, staff, parents, guardians, and volunteers to be personally responsible in the educational process.
  • A standards-based curriculum, supported by assessment, data analysis, and appropriate professional development, guides instruction.
  • The district uses research-based instructional strategies to meet the diverse learning needs of all students.
  • Working in collaboration with community and parents the district will develop students who are well prepared for their future.
District Theme

Scale your Summit