Senior Time Line

Preparing for college can be a long and daunting task, but well worth the outcome. Here is some information to help you stay on track during your Junior/Senior years.

The link below is really useful if you are thinking about a 4-year college:


Summary of important information for your senior year


  • Review senior schedule - make sure you have rigorous classes as this is a new item that colleges are looking at for entrance requirements. For early applications, colleges will want a copy of your senior year schedule.
  • Plan to visit Colleges you are thinking to attend and do campus tours!
  • Review senior schedule and graduation credits with counselor.
  • Start earning college credit through early entry, Internships, Concurrent Enrollment and other off campus programs.
  • Register for October Act test by mid-September.
    Listen throughout the year to all announcements for information relating to seniors.
  • Sign up for the Remind 101 app - how to do this is posted outside the Counseling office.
  • FAFSA applications open.
  • AFSA application must be filed on-line as soon as possible, by a parent, atwww.fafsa.ed.gov.
  • Attend Senior College Day. College representatives will supply valuable information about their schools.
  • Take or re-take the ACT, depending on college entrance requirements. (This is usually the last possible ACT for early application to most colleges in Utah.)
  • Most schools now prefer that you apply on-line so check college websites for applications and submission dates.
  • Students who are interested should obtain information on specific college departmental scholarships.
  • Teachers and counselors must be given a minimum of TWO WEEKS preparation time to complete letters of recommendations, and you should always provide a resume of your accomplishments to the teacher or counselor. Please plan accordingly!
  • Start researching scholarships - start with the High School Scholarships website and keep an eye out for local scholarships in March/April/May.
  • Contact Amy Regan - Scholarships advisor at the high school - for more information.


  • Participate in College Application Week! Many colleges waive the application fee during this week.
  • Attend FAFSA night - learn about financial aid options.
  • Apply for college housing.
  • Register for December ACT.
  • If you are doing an early application for college for Merit Scholarship opportunities then typically December 1st is your deadline!
  • Take or re-take the ACT test.
  • Get a head start on applications for admissions whenever possible. Deadlines are just around the corner!


  • FAFSA application must be filed on-line as soon as possible, by a parent, atwww.fafsa.ed.gov.
  • Continue to check the Scholarship opportunities posted outside the Counseling Office for the latest scholarship information.
  • Check Seniors name list (with the Registrar, Maria Todd) for errors in your name. This is how your name will be printed on your diploma. It is your responsibility to see that it is correct.


  • Scholarship deadlines for most Utah colleges.
  • Males who are 18 years old must prove draft registration in order to receive financial aid.
  • Register for AP exams.
  • Check the Scholarship opportunities posted outside the Counseling Office for information on local scholarships, as well as the Counseling website. Scholarships will also go out through the Remind 101 app.
  • Apply for Departmental Honor Cords. See individual departments for their application requirements; each department has different requirements. This information will be posted to the Counseling website.
  • Plan to visit the college campus of your choice if possible.
  • Watch for information from the Senior Class Officers regarding all senior activities. This letter has important details regarding graduation, graduation orientation, etc.
  • Clear all fees or fines in the office.
  • Make certain that you have officially accepted the scholarship and/or financial aid award from the college you decide to attend and decline all others so that those funds can be made available to other students. (NOTE: This final decision on declining can occur as late as July 1)
  • Notify the Counseling Office of all scholarship offers you have received (not just those you have accepted). This is so that you may be included in the Scholarship Awards Program.
  • Watch and listen carefully to all announcements regarding graduation details.
  • Purchase honor cords in Counseling Office (last week of May). 

Honors Cord Application Info


Please Note That From 2018-2019 We Will Be Moving to Stoles in Place of Cords

April 1st - April 30th each year


Steps to complete in the honors cord application process:

  1. Download the form/s for the cords you wish to apply for.
  2. Get ONE copy of your unofficial transcript from the Registrar (Maria Todd).
  3. Complete all applicable application forms.
  4. Get the forms SIGNED by the TEACHERS who need to sign them.
  5. Staple the transcript to the back of the forms.
  6. Hand the complete packet to Mr. Patrick.
  7. The cords you qualify for will be available when you pick up your graduation gown.
  8. Cords are returnable with your gown, unless you choose to pay to keep them (see the Registrar).

Download and complete the following forms for Honors cord applications.

  • Academic High Honors application
  • Career and Technical (CTE) honors application
  • Foreign Language honors application
  • Language Arts honors application
  • Mathematics honors application
  • Performing Arts honors application
  • Science honors application
  • Social Studies honors application

If you are completing your Associates' Degree before Graduation, a cord will automatically be assigned to you - you do not need to apply for this.