Welcome to the SSHS Community Council

School Community Council members are often willing volunteers who care about the success of students and overall school improvement. In the process of encouraging parents and school employees to participate on the School Community Council, the expectations or job descriptions of Council members may be described here...http://www.schoollandtrust.org/parents-and-councils/job-descriptions/

Member Name E-mail Role
Lynda Whitmore lynda@allwest.net Chair (Parent)
Jessica Bateman jessica@homesparkcity.net Vice Chair (Parent)
Wade Woolstenhulme ww@ssummit.org Principal/Director
Kay Katchuk kkatchuk@ssummit.org School Employee
Chad Peterson cpeterson@gmail.com Parent/Licensed District Employee
Rob Patrick rpatrick@ssummit.org School Employee
Elaine Peterson epeterson@pcschools.us Parent
Nanette Bush nanbush@allwest.net Parent
Patti Williams pawill555@gmail.com Parent
Destry Howard destryhoward@gmail.com Parent