Live Interactive classes only

(Registration dates for Concurrent Enrollment are different - please see Mrs. Clegg for this information)

The 2018-2019 FALL LIVE INTERACTIVE schedule is now available.

New Ruling governing General Education credits completed at High School. See how your General Education credits can transfer to all Colleges in Utah.


Registration window:

  • Fall 2018: April 16-August 24, 2018
  • Spring 2019: 
  • Summer 2019: 

Course start and end dates:

  • Fall 2018: August 20, 2018--December 6, 2018 (finals December 10-13, 2018) 
  • Spring 2019: 
  • Summer 2019:

Last day to DROP without a W (SPRING courses):

  • Summer 2017: 
  • Fall 2017: 
  • Spring 2018: February 28th, 2018 

Last day to WITHDRAW with a W (FALL courses):

  • Fall 2018: 
  • Spring 2019:

Things to know before you start:

  • Please be aware that just because a College class is on your high school schedule, it does not mean that you are a registered college student for that class. Please see a counselor or the Live Interactive coordinator.
  • Make sure you submit any AP test scores to the college if you are using these course as prerequisites.
  • If you are thinking about completing an Associates, you must arrange an interview with Mary Stephenson, the UVU liaison to our school 801-863-6713.
  • Students who received multiple E grades may NOT be eligible to continue in the Live Interactive Program. The student may be able to file an appeal using the Level 1 appeal form if there was a special circumstance that needs to be considered.

EdNet is an opportunity for students in South Summit High School to attend college classes via satellite during their high school years.

Sophomores must have a Cumulative GPA of 3.50 to enroll in these classes.

Juniors and Seniors must have a Cumulative GPA of 3.00 to enroll in these classes.

Students who are highly motivated can obtain their Associates Degree by the time they graduate from high school. It is recommended that students interested in obtaining their Associates Degree, start these classes by their sophomore year. In addition, it is recommended that the student interested, contact both the school counselor and Live Interactive facilitator during their freshman year to ensure they are on the right track towards obtaining their Associates Degree.

Students enrolled in EdNet and concurrent enrollment classes can also access the college tutoring programs free of charge.

See the school counselor or Live Interactive facilitator located at the high school for current schedules and more information.

See the UVU Distance Education link by clicking here.

For more information on what EdNet classes can offer, and what you should know before you start, please see the attached files.